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Welcome to the Blood Artists Tripod Page.I created this site for my guild on Everquest Online Adventures  for Playstation 2 as well as the public EQOA gamer.I have met many people on EQ and I have made lasting friendships there also.Our guild is located on the Direns Hold server and are currently accepting new members.A little about our guild we started around a year ago and had well into 120 members of all levels.As EQ started to get less and less in population,numbers decreased in many guilds and ours wasn't immune to this.We have tried to maintain the same ideals and goals as when we began and have suceeded in my opinion.We started a alt guild with the goal  to start rebuilding what we can even with the  lessened community due to the recent test server.The members of this guild are very loyal and determined.Respect and the way they represent thier guild and fellow guildies is very important. We are rebuilding our family at the moment and are more interested over quality rather then quanity.We are a very open and relaxed guild as well.It is becoming harder to find active members on our server whom understand the true jest of the game.In turn I wouldnt want to be anywhere but where I am .I am in a guild with helpful people whom sacrifice thier time to lend a hand and enjoy each others company .I can truely say I love my guild and wouldnt change a thing.